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As a Professor at King's University College, I currently teach a 2nd year course on Introduction to Social Psychology both semesters, along with 3rd year seminars in Health Psychology, Atitudes and Persuasion and Statistics.

In the past, I have taught at the University of Western Ontario central campus, at the University of Toronto and at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

My teaching interests are quite broad and include Statistics and Research Methods, Introductory courses in a variety of areas of Psychology, and advanced level courses in Health Psychology, Emotion, Cognition, Self-Regulation, Relationships, Prejudice, Psychology and Law, Subjective Well-Being, Aging, Psychology of Politics and Cross-Cultural Psychology.

(from anonymous course evaluations)

“He integrates pop culture into the lectures and seems truly interested in what he is teaching.”

“He's fun, relatable, cares about his students, is passionate about psychology, and makes class more interesting.”

“Mike is a fantastic instructor!! He is always willing to answer my questions and always willing to help. He makes the class environment fun and a great place to learn. I love his enthusiasm and drive to teach Psychology because it makes me willing to work so hard in the Psychology. I am glad I got the opportunity to have him as an instructor!”

“He is very knowledgeable in the subject and loves psychology. So his enthusiasm for psychology rubs off on the class. He also has a sense of humor which helps a lot”

“Very enthusiastic and energetic. Goes above and beyond to help and consult with students.”

“Amazing Professor! Very engaging and passionate about what he teaches. Although this material can be very challenging, his enthusiasm and thorough explanations make it very possible to learn and do well.”

“Great enthusiasm and effort to help students! Funny videos are a great way to break up the lecture and help keep it interesting. Thanks!”

“Good enthusiasm. I like how he relates material to our everyday lives. Good examples. Good at interacting with students.”

Expertise and Effectiveness
“He tries to make class as fun as possible and he really knows what he's talking about.”

“He is very good at explaining concepts thoroughly and choosing exactly what information to put on the PowerPoint slides. I think he puts just the right amount of info on them so that it is not overwhelming but it still compliments the book perfectly. He also is creative-using the i-Clickers, doing group activities, and playing topic related games are always fun and not many teachers do that stuff.“

“Mike knows a lot of what he is talking about and does a good job of conveying information in an understandable manner to the class.”

“He explains the chapters really well. His lectures have also helped me in understanding things better and in getting rid of my doubts. He is also very helpful. Further, the videos that he shows in the class help in understanding the concepts better and are a lot of fun.”

“Very thorough explanations of class concepts. Appreciate the effort to make engaging PowerPoint presentations, and the use of funny yet relevant video clips to make the concepts more digestible. Appreciate how thorough you are during exam review sessions. Great teacher.”

“One of the nicest Professors I have ever met! He is extremely organized, lays out everything clearly, and provides significant amount of instruction! He is truly a wonderful person with a beautiful spirit. You can tell he really enjoys teaching as he shows it in the way he cares about his students. He is truly an asset to Western! Thanks for a great course!”

Personalization and Availability
“He is cool and he cares about his students. He is always willing to answer any questions and further explain something. I like him!”

“He is very accommodating to students and always willing to help.”

“Mike has been an excellent instructor. He is always willing to help his students out, and he never hesitates in doing so. He is very generous and kind, and he will do his best to make sure his students are getting the most out of the class.”

“Mike seems to always be willing to give help to anyone needing it. He always makes sure that the class understands the material he covers and answers questions very well.”

“You are a great Prof! You are super approachable and you are always going above and beyond to help your students. It is not common to come across a Professor who is always willing to answer questions and concerns. Definitely keep up what you are doing!”

“Highly appreciate your fast response to e-mails and available office hours”

“Shows a lot of concern for student understanding of the course material and success in the course. Good use of videos and presents content in a well-organized manner.”

“I appreciate how available you are for students who are seeking assistance, and your concerns for our well-being. Thank you for posting marks promptly after exams. Review sessions were very helpful. PowerPoint slides are very visually pleasing and helpful. You are very knowledge in this topic and portray this to the class. Thank you for everything!”

“Great instructor! Definitely one of the nicest I've had.”

“I greatly enjoy attending lectures to the point that I would hate to miss one.”

“One of my best Professors! Clearly cares about student progress. Extremely helpful.”

“Dr. Morrison is an outstanding Professor. He explains the material in a clear and interesting way and has a friendly and caring personality that makes it easy to approach him with further questions or concerns. I was very glad to have the opportunity to take his class and would enjoy taking more courses with him.”